Resident at piano

Resident at piano

Corvallis Caring Place performs an evaluation of service needs for each resident prior to residency acceptance, and then at least every 90 days after moving in. This review process analyzes service needs and preferences in 11 different service areas. For example: health services, nursing needs, medication management, mobility, physical care. The more assistance required the more ‘points’ assigned.

If a resident is self-reliant, able to dress and groom themselves, there would be ‘0’ service points assigned in these categories as no staff time/resources are required. If a resident requires someone to assist in dressing, oral care, grooming, medications, etc., service points would be assigned because more staff time and facility resources are required.

The chart below shows an example of Level of Care (points assigned to that individual) and the cost for the type of living arrangement requested (last updated April 2016). All levels include room and board, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry and services. Details of our most current prices are available for you to view at our facility.

There is a non refundable $500 move-in fee, but other than that, just the monthly fees.

Service Level Studio Apartment One
Base $3121 $3621 $597
I (1-50 points) $3970 $3912 $888
II (51-100 points) $3703 $4203 $1179
III (101-150 -points) $3994 $4494 $1470
IV (151-200 points) $4285 $4785 $1761
V (201-250 points) $4576 $5076 $2052
VI (251-300 points) $4867 $5367 $2343
VII (301-350 points) $5158 $5658 $2634
VIII (351-400 points) $5449 $5949 $2925
IX (401+ points) $5740 $6240 $3216
Prices updated April  2016


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